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by Naked in Public

Released 2011
Naked Reality Music
Released 2011
Naked Reality Music
Naked In Public plays original, energetic, fun, uplifting ear candy songs with intelligent lyrics and irresistible instrumental hooks!!

I've had a chance to hear all three of you tracks. What fun!
It's like Cat Stevens meets Weird Al and Yes all inside
Doug's cool imagination! Way fun. (written by a famous composer who is composer in residence for a famous Shakespeare theater company!)

NAKED IN PUBLIC is a metaphor for exposing your inner self to the world with no sense of shame or remorse. The playful concept for the project was obvious from the get-go by the catchy hooks, dynamic attention- grabbing lyrics and Doug’s winsome vocal style.

Heartwarming and fun-filled; poignant and profound all at the same time, NIP delivers irresistible - gems, ditties, and jingles disguised as alternative pop/rock.

NAKED IN PUBLIC is the brainchild of bassist/vocalist/songwriter Doug Fergus, whose passionate hobby is heating and air conditioning.

As a child, Doug was fascinated with his Grandparent’s record collection. He absorbed the 60’s sounds of Glen Campbell, Barbara Streisand and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.
He also loved the comedians, Bill Cosby, Jonathan Winters and John Byner.
If you mix in the classic rockers Grand Funk and Bachman Turner Overdrive; add some Earth, Wind and Fire and Brothers Johnson, toss in some Talking Heads, the B-52’s and the Police; you begin to see where the songwriting influences come from.

Always the late bloomer, (he went on his first date last week) Doug got the music bug at age 18 while serving in the US Air Force. Next he spent 4 years a Los Angeles area pop rock band, but was “just the bass player” and he was not able to express his musical desire to “be different”.

Later, after writing many fun, quirky songs, he joined a Sacramento area alternative rock band. But soon, Doug found the band members were not open to collaboration. Even though they had local and commercial radio play and a CD in stores, Doug decided to leave the band to start his own project.

Moving to Southern Oregon, Doug was bored out of his mind one night at a classic rock jam session. That was the “camel that broke the donkey’s back”. Within 1 year, Doug had completed a collection of 16 original songs at world renowned, multi gold and platinum record producer Sylvia Massy’s Radio Star Studios.

All songs written by Doug Fergus
Published by Naked Reality Music BMI ©2011
Recorded at: Radio Star Studios, Weed, CA.

Doug Fergus: bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, keys on Reality Fulfillment
Mark Arinsberg: drums
Chris Johnson: acoustic and electric guitars
Jason Rufuss Sewell: electric guitars
Sylvia Massy: background vocals, keys
Kerry “Shakerman” Greene: percussion on Reality Fulfillment
Ian Rickard: percussion on Departure Family
Bob Miner: harmonica on Brand New Ending
Glenn Sawyer: keys on Departure Family
Guitar solo on What I Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Me: Jeff Pevar
Silly background vocal on Radio Star: Kimberly Freeman

Produced by: Sylvia Massy
Engineered and mixed by: Rich Veltrop
Assistant engineers:
Fernando Fidel Flores
Jake Lanski
Joe Haze
Mariano Aponte
Glenn Sawyer
Bailey Beechler
Joel Rekiel
Mike Jensen
Mastered by Brent Lambert, The Kitchen Mastering

Special thanks to every human that has ever lived and has yet to be born.
(and everyone else I forgot to mention)
NIP logo and photographs by Mark Arinsberg.