Lucky Doug Fergus

Short Funny Bio

Lucky Doug Fergus - Grand Poobah

Doug is a bassist, vocalist, lyricist, songwriter, comedian, film maker, good cook, motorcycle mechanic and amateur weight lifter. He’s also a good leaf raker and snow shoveler.

Doug began his music career in 1979. He’s written over 100 songs, 31 of which have been recorded and released professionally. He’s played hundreds of gigs in the Los Angeles, Sacramento and Medford Oregon areas.

He wrote, produced and starred in a comedy video spoof on the heating and air trade, called Derry Aire.

He and his creative team have produced 5 music video’s as companion for 5 of Doug’s songs.

He has been a crew member on several film shoots with local Telluride filmmaker, Suzan Beraza. 

Doug loves puppy dogs, bubble baths, and long candle lit walks on the beach.

Oh, and he’d like to thank Gosh.