April 24th 2021. New song, fun, humorous, cute, uplifting, Picasso Eyes. 



March 24th 2021. New song, whimsical, fun: LIFE IN ITALY. About what it might be like to live there. I hope you love it: https://songwhip.com/luckydougfergus/life-in-italy

 Febuary 18th 2021. Is it true? Another new song? Yes! Whimsical and fun, written for all daydreamers: https://songwhip.com/luckydougfergus/floating-on-the-high-of-the-maybe


 January 1st. 2021. Another new song!! Super fun, about some typical struggles of young people, but they keep a great attitude and laugh about it all. Produced by Sylvia Massy
I LOVE TO HEAR HER LAUGH: https://songwhip.com/luckydougfergus/i-love-to-hear-her-laugh


 December 10th: New song in a 70's rock style about a relationship that you want to escape from, Your Way or the Highway. Play it LOUDLY PLEASE!!!! https://songwhip.com/luckydougfergus/your-way-or-the-highway


 November 21st. New goofy song about 'what if a hard rock band wanted to take a day off and go sightseeing?' HARD ROCK TRIO: 


October 15th: New quirky, weird, energetic song about a CRAZY, true to life dysfunctional relationship. LOVE TANK https://songwhip.com/luckydougfergus/love-tank


September 15th: 

NEW Comedy song! Two Are Better Than One: https://songwhip.com/luckydougfergus/two-are-better-than-one


NEW album Sep. 1st!! My weirdest/quirkiest songs yet! King of Quirk https://songwhip.com/luckydougfergus/king-of-quirk


August 10th 2020, NEW comedy song, Wannabe (I don't wannabe a wannabe anymore) https://youtu.be/0o8O-PtPoq8



 June 25th, new LUCKY DOUG AND THE STINK BUGS album out!!  My Children's music project. (Last release was in 2015.) Instrumental Rock For Kids (Well Behaved Parents Too) is pure brain candy delight! https://luckydoug.com/lucky-doug-and-the-stink-bugs-childrens-music

 May 15th 2020: NEW album out of all instrumental rock, Catchy, Fun, Irresistible, Energetic, Quirky... called, "Future TV Themes and Jingles" because all eleven songs could easily be the theme for a hit TV show or used in a nationwide commercial:

Downloads: https://luckydoug.com/music-music-downloads

Streaming: https://luckydoug.com/music-streaming-pandora-spotify-deezer-etc


 April 10th 2020: 

Yet another new song out! Live version of Five Day Weekend. SUPER fun and... who doesn't want a life of 5 day weekends? https://open.spotify.com/track/2iasZVODterv7pZXOunibQ?si=aDiY1iSwShC7aLmHKrx8lw


New album out!! (March 24th 2020)The Year We Were Insane. Nine songs, all written over the last 6 years, recorded at my little house in Telluride, Colorado. All instruments played by me! Produced and mixed by me! 


 Feb 26th NEW SONG!! White Pants. Quirky, absurd, silly, sarcastic, fun, witty, clever!! Wow!! https://open.spotify.com/album/58xgv7brx4bcY4HTaHoZru?si=X-oOTv4eRdG2229-PVvpew



Feb 17th, 2020: Two new albums of material recored in the 80's and 90's are out NOW!!  


Click on Streaming tab above or click this quick youtube link for Split Image '84 (three songs) https://youtu.be/NxHr6sqttIc  https://youtu.be/lB9x4p4JB_o  https://youtu.be/k4NHJgSU95k


"Salamander '95" youtube here, (Streaming tab above gets you to more choiceshttps://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lucky+doug+fergus+salamander+%2795+topic


 ANOTHER NEW SONG OUT!! Feb 14th, 2020- School is CoolKenna got in trouble at school. Her punishment? Write a paper about what she did. She chose to write a quirky, fun, witty, silly, energetic Indie Rock song instead.
I helped her arrange it and recorded it at home


 NEW song out Now! Feb 9th 2020: BRAIN FREEZE 

Fun, upbeat, energetic instrumental song combining elements of Indie Rock and 70s/80s rock. Full of hooks, Brain Freeze could easily be a TV show theme song.



NEW Music Video! Funny, Absurd, Satirical. "White Pants." A collaboration with Sylvia Massyhttps://youtu.be/iKGgCq4YVtY


December 17th 2019: NEW album! Until She Makes up Her Mind. Quirky, fun, witty, silly. Click on Streaming tab above or search Lucky Doug Fergus on every digital platform. https://luckydougfergus.hearnow.com


October 2019: NEW music video!! Roll Him Over. 



Sept. 2019: NEW album released on Sept. 15th!! 

Born in the '90s. Fun, funky, energetic, lyrics that grab your attention. 
Featuring the single, What Am I Doing Here Anyway w/ vocals by Greg Scarborough. Also a cover of the BTO song, Looking Out For No. 1 Click on the MUSIC tab above! 


July 2019: New single out NOW!! "What Am I Doing Here Anyway" featuring vocalist, Greg Scarborough. 

Upbeat, alternative rock w/major hook bassline about the fast lane life that traps most of us. Click the 'Music' link above!



April 2019: New Album!!

Humongous Fungus!! 18 songs!

Click the 'Music' link above at top of page next to 'Home'. (please)