From Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary)

I just now had the time to listen to most of your album and it’s a stitch with a message — and your tunes and the guitar playing are sensational and your bass playing was “stand out”, my friend.Very lovely, very weird and also very sweet and sympathetic messages for the kids. Lots of kids POV tongue in cheek. (Not sure where the tongue ends and the cheek begins :>) :>)

Go well, my brother and thanks for sending the links. I loved listening to the songs, my friend. A real kick!

From Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary) After watching the Canadian Woman video: "I love the lyrics. And Doug is almost as goofy as me!"

From Peter Yarrow upon listening to What Am I Doing Here Anyway: "I listened to it Doug and it’s a great song. The production on the track is wonderful too. Bravo my friend! Well done! Onward!"

A WOW Night!

Both Beth and I totally enjoyed Doug's performance last night. So authentic,

so real, so entertaining. AND I loved Doug telling the story of how he met his wife!! Magical-!!

The music, the humor and how authentic and feel good the whole program was. 

It was down home...but fun

Down home spiced with originality and talent. 

He kept it moving and filled with non-stop energy. It appeared that he was having fun!

Cheers & Thanks, George Gage


From Susan at Telluride Inside and Out Magazine:

Doug was Robin Williams reincarnated. We loved it. So smart, so edgy, so surprising and funny.