From Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary)

I just now had the time to listen to most of your album and it’s a stitch with a message — and your tunes and the guitar playing are sensational and your bass playing was “stand out”, my friend.Very lovely, very weird and also very sweet and sympathetic messages for the kids. Lots of kids POV tongue in cheek. (Not sure where the tongue ends and the cheek begins :>) :>)

Go well, my brother and thanks for sending the links. I loved listening to the songs, my friend. A real kick!

After watching the Canadian Woman video: "I love the lyrics. And Doug is almost as goofy as me!"

 Upon listening to What Am I Doing Here Anyway: "I listened to it Doug and it’s a great song. The production on the track is wonderful too. Bravo my friend! Well done! Onward!"


From Peter Yarrow on the White Pants video:

My brother Doug, 

I love your video. It is as outrageous as it is delightful. For me, the video goes right up to the edge of vomitacious and totally disgusting, yet it never goes completely over the line.   Essentially, you do exactly what best clowns do - that is, strip away all pretense of “proper” behavior and revel in being an unsocialized infant. There are virtues to doing this as well, Such as compelling people to “dig themselves“. ( look at ourselves and see how ludicrous we are)  


From Beth and George Gage, filmmakers:

A WOW Night!

Both Beth and I totally enjoyed Doug's performance last night. So authentic,

so real, so entertaining. AND I loved Doug telling the story of how he met his wife!! Magical-!!

The music, the humor and how authentic and feel good the whole program was. 

It was down home...but fun

Down home spiced with originality and talent. 

He kept it moving and filled with non-stop energy. It appeared that he was having fun!

Cheers & Thanks, George Gage

I totally enjoyed Doug's performance last night. So authentic and entertaining.

The music, the humor and how authentic and feel good the whole program was. 

He kept it moving and filled with non-stop energy. It appeared that he was having fun!


From Susan at "Telluride Inside and Out" Magazine:

Doug was Robin Williams reincarnated. We loved it. So smart, so edgy, so surprising and funny. 


From Barry Van Dyke, (Actor and son of legendary entertainer Dick Van Dyke) upon hearing the song Motorcycle Mania: 

I haven't played in a million years, Doug. But your song really put a smile on my face. I felt like the guy in the song, all day in the garage. This is me today trying to fix an ignition failure on my Triumph. I messed up some wiring and was about to meltdown when I took a break, had a cup of coffee and listened to Motorcycle Mania. Am happily back at work now! Your dad must have loved it. Thanks.


From Dawn A. Bethesda Maryland, Grammy voter on the Humongous Fungus album: 

Great grooves, extraordinarily FUN lyrics and great topics!


From Jake @Roctober Magazine

Odd quirk-rock truthtelling through poppy songs that sound like weirdo novelty rock but are really life lessons that are actually funnier than real novelty rock.”


Liberty Devitto, original drummer rummer for Billy Joel: 

“I love Lucky Doug Fergus!!!! FUN FUN FUN !!!!!”


From 'Brian'

WCNI Music Director on the Until She Makes up Her Mind album: 

Hi Doug -

We got your new CD and it was added with a great review. Your blend

of humor, do-it-yourself attitude and power pop was very catchy - the

songs really grew on me. "Feel Much Better Now", "Stop, Drop and

Roll"and I" Wish you'd stop" were standouts for me but the whole disc

has a nice sound. There are lots of fans of this sort of music here

at WCNI so I think it will get some nice airtime.

"Power pop with a quirky,

honest and witty touch of humor style.  The songs and delivery have a

do it yourself ethic with lots of hooks and just the right amount or

guitar kick.  The music is very catchy and highly recommended."

It also got a top add this week.

Thank you for sharing your music with us here on the East Coast.